What is My Calling?


There is something so special about the calling of God to his sons and daughters that makes it very different from all other religions, which is the Spirit of Christ!

The fact that the person who called you to follow him is the same person who died for you to reconcile your soul to God, and he is the same person that wants to live his holy life through you, so he can save you by the life of Christ in you! Therefore, Christ is the one who will cause you to be willing to do the calling of God toward your life!

The word of God tells us that all the people who believe and follow Jesus Christ, are called by God immediately to become the Sons of God! To start living the same lifestyle of the Son of God.

The Lord Jesus calls each believer to follow him in this present life on the Earth! As the result of following the Son of God, the lifestyle of his followers becomes the manifestation of the Son of God among the rebellious world! Once the soul has a new Communion with Abba, the Father God, and Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, instead of the Old Spirit of this rebellious world! Therefore, as the result of this New Spiritual Communion, the perspective towards earthly Life changes from a mortal perspective into a spiritual eternal perspective!

You are not called by God to follow a religion but to be his Son!

What looks like the lifestyle of a Son of God?

1 John 3:8 tells us the reason that the Son of God came to live on the earth: To destroy the works of the Evil Spirits on the earth!

How a Son of God can Destroy the works of the Evil Spirits?

Through the Spirit of God that was upon Jesus, which Jesus sent to us to be upon our souls, to enable us to speak, do and act in the same manner like God, the Father!

Humanity in the world is under the influence of Evil Spirits!

Jesus was the first example of the Lifestyle of the Son of God on the earth! The reason that the Holy Spirit was upon Jesus, was to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel to lead the souls of humanity into Repentance, to be reconciled with the Father, to heal the broken hearts and bodies, and to set the captivated souls free from the Evil Spirits, by casting them out of the people! As the Prophet Isaiah prophesied in the Book of Isaiah 61:1! Through these acts, Jesus destroyed the works of the devil, because he acted and did what he heard and saw in the Presence of the Father. He was under the influence of the Holy Spirit, as the Son of God.

We are called to become manifested Sons of God on the Earth, not hidden Sons of God between four walls of the Church/Homegroups on Sunday night! And this only will happen when we allow the Spirit of Christ to live through us, giving our life to do the actions of Jesus! Preaching the Gospel, teaching the Truth to the people, making them disciples of Jesus, healing the sick, and casting out the Demons!

Through the manifestation of the Sons of God on the earth, Satan loses his spiritual authority over the souls of humanity and his works will be destroyed!

This is the will of the Father God, the Creator of heavens and the earth!

To born many sons and daughters from him, to rule with him on the present life on the earth through the Life of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, who is the Ruler of All God’s creation.

When we are reconciled with God, the Father, through the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, we experience the deep love of the Father, desiring to dwell in Communion with him! Immediately our hearts and lives will speak and do what the Father is showing us in his presence! We became controlled by the will, the directions, and the desires of the Father’s heart to restore every soul around us into the Communion With Abba!

What is the Target?

To Save the Souls from Satan and the destination of the hell! This is more valuable than all what the earth could offer! To talk about the Father, His wonders, to take out the people from darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus, to care for the souls!

The Holy Spirit will work with us bringing words of prophecy and knowledge, manifesting healings, transforming those who open up their souls to God! Demons will leave! Freedom will take its place! Broken hearts will be comforted! You will rejoice! The Heavens will rejoice! The Father will rejoice!

Beloveds, our calling as Sons and Daughters of God is to Love our Father God with all our hearts, all our strength, and all of our lives! And to love the human souls by the same love! for God is alive through you, desiring to love the souls through your love to them!

But the question now is…

Did you respond to the Call?

Did you die to your mortal plans and became willing to obey the teachings of Christ, allowing His Spirit to function in the life of your body on the earth?

How you can make yourself available for the Manifestation of the Son of God?

The Holy Spirit was sent by God to dwell in you! To empower you to obey Christ and manifest Him! Once the Holy Spirit inhabits you, all his Gifts become available to you to manifest the lifestyle of the Son of God.

For example…The power of healing the sick is available for those who are acting in obedience to the command of Christ, who said: ”put your hands on the sick, pray to the Father and they shall recover”. If you see someone in the street who is sick, now the Holy Spirit is willing to heal the person, but he needs you to work with him! And you need to obey to put your hands on the sick and to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

There is a Glorious News!

When we are born from God, we receive the same Power, the Holy Spirit that was upon Jesus Christ for the purpose of living the same lifestyle of Jesus, as the Son of God, by doing what he did and saying what he said! We are Not alone! We will do Nothing alone! For He is Alive and is with us!

The majority of Christians today are deceived by wrong doctrines and interpretations of the Word of God, which caused them to believe that they need to wait for their calling or to hear from God a special calling. But the only waiting in the New Testament spoken by Jesus to his disciples was to wait in Jerusalem the coming of the Holy Spirit to be baptized by Him, which is the Spirit of God! To cover them with the power of God to go to the world, and to destroy the works of the Devil! This already happened!

The Power of the Spirit of God is already upon you, and He will only manifest when you face the Enemy of the Spirit of God on the earth!

The Power of the Holy Spirit of God will manifest when you positioning yourself against the works of the Devil!

The greater Power, which is the Holy Spirit, will never manifest without a reason of facing an opposite power! In obeying the commands of Jesus Christ to go Evangelize, Teach His words, Heal the sick and Cast out Demons, you allow The Great Spirit of God to face the Evil Spirits on the earth and destroy their works making them flee from their position of authority in the humanity.

 ”For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.”

 (Romans 8: 19 – 22 NIV)


Now is the time to live Your Calling! It’s time for the Church and each believer in Jesus Christ to come out of the closet and become a visible light in the darkness, to shine with the glory of God on the earth!

When the Light manifest, the darkness flees!

Read and meditate in our Book Christianity Reformation into Communion with Abba and Learn how to live a lifestyle of a Son of God internally and externally! Learn how to know your Father, to evangelize, to heal the sick, and cast out demons…How to plant Communions with Abba in the homes, and to go with Jesus to enlightening the world!



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