There is a true God, and He is not bound by any earthly religion. He is the Creator of the Universe, invisible, eternal, immortal and, He is uncreated and does not live in temples or buildings that were made by human hands.


He revealed himself as a Holy being through 3 different people; the Holy Father, the Holy Son, the Holy Spirit.


The Bible is the Word of God revealed by the Holy Spirit and spoken by the wise prophets and the Holy Jesus Christ. We believe that the word of God is an active word, it is the sharp sword that is in the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ. It separates the evil spirits from the souls of everyone who believes and obeys God. The Bible is the governmental instructions and commandments of the Kingdom of God, and each member of the Kingdom of God must live by keeping it in the heart and mind, applying it in deeds. The word of God determines the destiny of all humanity, according to the personal and individual response to it. Believe and obey or don't believe and disobey!


The Man was made in the image of God for a unique purpose, which is to be inhabited by Him, through the abode of the Holy Spirit in the soul, so that the human can be a spiritual word of God in the form of a body.


The Man sinned against God, losing his unique purpose of existence, and came to be inhabited by the spiritual darkness of evil in the spirit world. Sin is the work of evil spirits, that is, there is no sin without the influence of an evil spirit. Therefore, the human began to be influenced by evil spirits, producing the sinful world that exists on Earth today.


The sinful world came under the judgment of the just Justice of the one true Holy God


God's perfect love, justice and mercy led him to prepare a Reformation plan for the history of mankind.


God established a door - called salvation, to escape the punishment of sin that is eternal death, through the atoning sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ who received the Justice of God for the sin of all mankind at once and forever.


The Lord Jesus Christ is the only open door to escape from the spiritual darkness of the earth to the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is the only way to God the Father


God is inviting all human souls to be reconciled to Him, through repentance and to return to Him by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.


The disbelief of humanity in the goodness, justice, mercy and love of God is what keeps souls under the deceit and condemnation of sin; separating them from life with God.


God is giving a free gift of justice to all mankind through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


There is only one true Gospel message that was spoken and announced by the Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 24: 45-49. Which is a present act of repentance to God, for the purpose of receiving a present act of God's forgiveness, to receive and be in dwelt by the Holy Spirit. By believing in the death of the holy son of God for the punishment of our sins and His resurrection for the justification of our souls. Jesus introduces us to God through His sacrifice on the Cross.


The Gospel was delivered to the Church through a strict command from the Lord Jesus Christ, to be preached to all humanity from Jerusalem to all corners of the earth, through all generations and ages of human history.


The Holy Spirit is on earth to cleanse, purify, sanctify and to unite the Church in Communion with the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, enabling her to live a holy and sin-free life, to govern and reign over the evil spiritual darkness of the earth.


The Holy Spirit has now been given and revealed to those souls who have received the gift of God's righteousness to convince their souls of sin, justice and judgment.


The Holy Spirit is the great Spirit, who is greater than the evil spirit of the world. He is the helper, counselor, comforter, leader, and resurrection power that works in the soul and life of God's family


The consequence that the follower of Jesus received the Holy Spirit and was not deceived by the false religious spirit of this world, is that he must live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, focusing his mind on what is above the earthly plane, on things immortals that matter to the Holy God - the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit. Not in the mortal things that please the flesh - which is just a house of earthly dust, the abode of the human soul.


The mark for the follower of Jesus Christ to be reconciled to the true eternal God and to be inhabited by the Holy Spirit, is to live differently from the human who lives by the spirit of the evil world. The follower of Jesus must be known for his character through the manifestation of the fruit of the Holy Spirit which is love, joy, peace, generosity, honesty ... Etc. That is, an altruistic life. The follower of Jesus Christ is committed to working with the Holy Spirit, becoming a witness of the Lord Jesus to the world, revealing the truth, evangelizing, healing the sick, casting out demons ... Governing spiritual darkness on earth.


Heaven and Hell are real places and separate places. The fate of each person is in the hands of the living God who will judge all mankind according to the Gospel and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Christian life is hidden in Christ, and cannot be lived without the indwelling Spirit of Christ within the follower of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is impossible to live by the Spirit of Christ without true repentance for sins and ignoring the selfish mentality of the old self. Otherwise, the follower of the Lord Jesus Christ will fall into the religious deception of darkness, which is hypocrisy! Hypocrisy confesses Jesus as Lord, but does not live up to His word! True repentance is the beginning of allowing the Spirit of Christ to live and rule the souls of His followers, so that Christ can manifest on earth!


Eternal life is not after death, but it is the union of our souls with the Father through the Holy Spirit, happening now. Hypocrisy confesses Jesus as Lord, but does not live up to His word! True repentance is the beginning of allowing the Spirit of Christ to live and rule the souls of His followers, so that Christ can manifest on earth!


God's complete plan is to unite heaven with earth. This is happening through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God on earth, restoring humanity's souls to Him, and restoring humanity's authority against the serpent and all spiritual darkness.


The Lord Jesus was already the invisible King before he was born. He was born on earth as a King, lived as a King, died as a King, and was resurrected as a King! His earthly and heavenly Kingdom are invisible and govern all visible kingdoms, authorities and human powers. When the Lord Jesus came to earth, demons and evil spirits from the dark knew him and prostrated themselves before Him because He was, He is and will be the eternal King and the visible image of God for all mankind; however, humanity did not recognize him because they are deceived and blinded by the great deception of spiritual darkness.


The Lord Jesus Christ and our eternal Father are alive with us, and never left the Earth. He is inhabiting the souls of His people and has made them his personal body and real holy Kingdom! Because He is in the Father and the Father is in Him, and Christ is alive in His Body - The Body of Christ on Earth, Me and You.


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