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When my wife Atillah and I are ministering to the body of Christ, we realize how crucial it was to point to the work of Jesus at the cross and what we are becoming because of his Spirit in us. 

We introduce the presence of our Eternal Father to his family, for we came to the conclusion that the goal of all the teachings of Jesus and the mystery of Righteousness through the Gospel is to help, lead and equip us to establish our own eternal Life today on the Earth, which is the life of our inner communion with the present presence of our eternal Father, where we experience the glorious flow of Love, Power and the Government of the Spirit of God in our own souls and  lives, 

Once we became Sons and daughters of God, the uniqe way to live our lives is by learning to hear & obey constantly the voice of our heavenly Father, abiding in  the anointing of the Holy Spirit! 

 God is alive With Us!

Now after 10+ Years of ministering to the body of Christ and in Missions around the world, we developed a training program of Teaching and Doing, called Jesus Lifestyle, where our goal is to equip the body of Christ to host constantly the glorious presence of the Father and to submit their personal lives to obey the voice of the Father and to Go With Jesus to save the world!

Billions of people in the world have never heard the true Gospel and most Christians don't know how to share it effectively.

In this program, you will learn that manifesting the lifestyle of Jesus Christ externally is not a mystery nor an impossible and a heavy mission for the body of Christ, but it is a consequence of learning how to maintain the internal lifestyle of Communion with Abba! 

You also will learn how to work with Jesus everyday in reaching the human souls, preaching the true effective message of the Gospel through the working power of the Holy Spirit.

Now is the time that God is reforming Christianity from the place of Religion into a Glorious Manifestation of Heavens on Earth!

It’s time for the church to break the gates of hell and make Christ visible to the world! it’s time for each Son and Daughter of God to rise up and rule with Christ in this Life! This is our original purpose and what all the whole creation is waiting for! Let us shine in the world and Go together with Jesus in the Harvest of our Kingdom! The Kingdom of our Good Father, God!

We are available to serve the community of the body of Christ around the world with our Training Program Jesus Lifestyle and we are also flexible to help and serve according to your needs.

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