Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness…” Genesis 1: 26 NIV


The Truth is: We are like God, we are like his likeness, for He is the original person!

Adam is the first image of who God is. God is a Person!
God has his own personality, which is recognized by the souls of mankind as The Truth!
This is the reason why our souls are aware that God is Holy and a Perfect Person in all his ways because the Truth is Holy among the world of lies!
The meaning of the word Holy is Separated and Elevated. God looked around and found nothing bigger than him! He is the person of Truth! Therefore, the best thing that God could create in existence is his image: A Person! For this reason, there was nothing with a greater eternal value around him, except Himself!

Take a moment and let your soul understand the privilege God has given you! Praise the living God that created you in His image! You are not an animal, a fish, a bird, or a bug! But you are a living human-made in God’s image!

This is why The Truth of God is the Truth of humanity!
When a human begins to walk in the Truth, he begins to come closer in discover God, once God created the human in his image, not on the image of Satan! Therefore, Jesus came to the earth and lived a life declared as the living Son of man, just like us! However, the unique difference he had, was the fact that he was inhabited by the Holy Spirit of God, maintaining a relationship with Him! Growing every day in his personal spiritual fellowship in Loving God, through his personal obedience to the Truth, with loyalty and friendship between Jesus and the Spirit of God. Not through religion and human-specific rules, principles, and repetitive prayers! But through the real-life, in the secret and in public!

Once we realize this reality, our whole soul begins to open up to the Creator GOD who created us! We recognize that the very purpose of our existence as a living creature called “Person” is because He is the original Person!
This is the exact reason why we have eyes, ears, mouth…Because He hears, sees, and speaks! That is the source of seeking a loving relationship with a perfect and alive person, invisible to our body, but visible to our soul! In purity and honesty being aware of the Truth always, we can walk with the Truth, keeping his presence inside of our soul!

God created us for an eternal love relationship increasing forever!

God Is Love! God created us to love us. To respond to his love we have to start Loving God from all of our hearts! Once we received his love! Therefore, when we love each other as he loves us through practical attitudes of sacrificing our benefits for the benefit of others, it causes God to manifest himself into our hearts! For he is Love. Allow God to live through you, is to allow the Love of God to flow through you, to others.

Any relationship must have two people! There is no relationship with just one person!
Once you understand that God is a living person & God is Love, You will begin to discover the difference between becoming a hypocritical person who is busy applying a religion instead of enjoying the Holy life of friendship with the living God who is your Father, full of truth.
It’s impossible for a person, to have a relationship with God and NOT be able to sacrifice the life to others! How could the person of God inhabit this person?

Think About It…

Are you dealing with some rules and traditions created by humans and are considering them God? Or did you discover the Living Person of God, who created you in his image?
What is your eternal joy and pleasure in having an everlasting faithful friend? His name is Love in Truth.




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