The City, the Mountain Goat & The Blood!

The Teacher called Wonder!

II Part

The City, the Mountain Goat, and the Blood!

I dreamed that I entered a very organized, clean, and beautiful city, where I met a woman who said:  ‘‘I want to introduce you to someone!’’

We began to walk in the city and we had a seat on a wood bench. I seated on the bench, the woman seated in the middle, and appeared a man who seated beside her. This man was bald and a very kind and polite man, full of gentleness. He was talking with this woman about the things that he had to show me and to explain to me!

Suddenly this man called me to have a walk in the city, for he wanted to show me a place! While we were walking, he rose his hands in the air and appeared a Big Iron Gate. I was amazed!

Looks like that gate always existed, but unless he raises his hands, the gate couldn’t be seen by me.

The gate opened! The man disappeared, the woman disappeared and I entered a new place through the gate.

Then I saw certain types of animals which remember the Mountain Goat, with big horns in a format of trees. They were behaving like humans! They were talking and each one of them had their own personalities! One of them was an elder wearing monocle glasses. All the animals were talking freely, and I thought I was dead!

So I came to the elder mountain goat and I asked: ‘‘Am I dead?’’ And he answered me:  ‘‘No! You are not!’’ So I asked: ‘‘Why have I seen it? What’s going on?’’  And he answered me: ‘‘You are here because you have questions!’’ Then I replied: ‘‘Yes! I have a lot of questions to do!’’ After I answered that, I knew I had really a lot of questions to do, but I couldn’t remember any of them! After, he told me… ‘‘We gonna give you some answers!’’      

Immediately I saw a group of these animals been slain in a wood wall! However not with a sword or a blade, but with a shovel.

The elder mountain goat told me… ‘‘Take the shovel and slain me!’’ And I couldn’t do it, I did not have the courage! Still, he told me… ‘‘You have to slay me! You have to share my blood or otherwise, you will not belong!’’ So I made it! But he didn’t die! All the other animals were been slain, but still, they remained talking, they were cut in two pieces, but still remained alive!

I began to understand that I was in a test! My test was to understand that I should slay him and have the courage! Even they were immortal, all the process of the kill was for real!

The elder goat told me:

‘‘Each situation carries an answer and each answer carries a wisdom!’’

At that point, I started to remember the questions I had about life on the earth, about my past, and about God’s Sovereignty… But observing everything that was happening with me and that I was experiencing inside the dream, I came to a deep understanding sense inside of my own dream, that all my questions were earthly and didn’t matter in that realm of the Spirit!

Suddenly the big iron gate appeared again and the bald man standing on its door outside waiting for me to come out… And I came out!

The Interpretation…

The city very organized, clean and beautiful represents the New Jerusalem, the Celestial and Spiritual city of God! (Galatians 4: 26). A freely spiritual City. The mother city of all who born from the Spirit! It’s a celestial place free from all earthly ways, earthly experiences, traumas, evilness, and darkness. It’s the City of the Sons of God! A Spiritual place.

The woman and the bald man represent the Ministry Spirits of God, who works with the Holy Spirit teaching us and showing us all things with the purpose of our learning to grow in repentance, humbleness, maturity, strengths, and boldness! Purifying our soul, mind, and bodies against all carnal and godless spirits. The fact that this man was bald, was a representation of God’s cover upon his head! (1 Corinthians 11:7) (Hebrews 1: 14). It means that God’s thoughts and God’s leadership are the right directions for the life.

The Big Iron Gate represents the undestructive and unperishable Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, becoming the open door for our access to the Father through repentance to Salvation for our souls and lives (John 10: 7, 9) (John 3). It means all humans have free access to the open gates of heaven, to the spiritual understanding and revelations of God and His creation, but just those who seek it, find it!           (Matthew 7: 7) (Revelation 3: 20).

The animals with the appearance of the Mountain Goats are the representation of the alive sacrifices (Romans 12). Our lives must be put to death with all its carnal desires, carnal dreams, carnal cultures! We have to choose with a good sound mind, along with choices of understanding to make our lives a sacrifice to God. It means that unless we kill our flesh, we born again from the Spirit of God and live a life of holiness, we will not have part with God.

The shovel is the representation of dig in deep in the sacrifice, in the soul… to open spaces for the Holy Spirit to build the right foundations.

An interesting fact about the mountain goats is that they are actually not goats and are not in the same genus as goats. In the Bovidae family, mountain goats are associated with antelopes, gazelles, and cattle. They live upon the high rocks, with incredible abilities to move! (Psalm 18: 33). Jesus is our Rock and he is calling us to live in the highest places, to see life from above, and to live from above… from God’s perception and plans! (Psalm 42: 1).

In John 6: 53, Jesus explained to us that in sharing his death with us we are saved from our sins and we have eternal life in Him, along with a life of obedience to all his commands!

I have been seeking the Presence of God, His wisdom in all areas of life… I have been seeking Jesus’s light against the darkness inside my soul! I have been knocking on His door and he has answered me!

I encourage you to do the same! Seek God’s face, think about what’s come from above, search for the Lord and you will find him, for his love reaches you!   

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.’’

Jeremiah 29: 13 NIV


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