The Teacher called Wonder!

The Study of the Rocks

I dreamed that I was in a city with my husband and we were in hurry, once we were a bit late to go to our University! We had to go to this University!

For me was given an electronic card to open the gate of the University to access it, with a certain time to use it, for he had an expiration time.

We were going there through a wide broadway, a big Avenue; and John had a white electric bike. While we were going to the University by this Avenue, a friend of John called him asking to stay in our house, to live with us for a while. This friend began to talk much and consume John’s time, making me worry because we were late!

I understood that this friend was consuming John’s time causing him to delay more, and I decided to go ahead, for I didn’t want to lose the card which enables access to the University.

Then I saw another road, a parallel road that could take me to the University, but through a different path inside the residential streets. My clothes changed and I appeared dressing a white bride dress, as someone who going to marry!

When I entered that street, appeared a bald man given a sign to other people who were hidden, for they were all gangsters and robbers. A woman approach me and asked the bald man (who was the chief of the robbers) if I had police protection to be there, and he answered: ‘‘Yes, she does!’’ In my mind, I knew this protection was by a certain price and it was paid, I paid!

While I was walking in that place, people seem to make me afraid of them, but I rose my head and walked fast. As much I walked fast, I was counting the streets so I could not be lost and arrive on the street that I could turn to keep going to the University, but suddenly I saw a Cemetery. I knew inside of me, that if I step my foot in the door front of the cemetery, all that people would die!

It was a Sunday Morning!

After that, I took another road, down a street which has a river. I met John with his bike, but his friend had seated behind him, on the passenger seat, and broke it, once he was heavy.

Therefore, his bike could carry us both, now it couldn’t because his friend had broken it! But we had to advance, so I told John to go on with his bike, and I was going on foot, once I walked very fast, I could arrive at the University.

So I walked very fast which caused me to be very tired! But I arrived at the University and inserted the card on the gate, it opened and I entered alone! I became exhausted from running with my legs, for even we had the bike, we couldn’t use it more for us both,  because it got broken.

When I entered the University, the class began to start. The teacher was wearing a white lab coat and his name was Wonder! He knew me as if we were friends, but his position in the class was much serious. I had the sensation of tiredness mixed with some frustration that I just arrived in the class extremely tired, still, I have to concentrate to produce. I was seated near the door on the left side.

The teacher Wonder said: ‘‘You guys have to do a Study about the Rocks and to do a presentation for the class! This could be alone or in a group.’’ The class had 42 students in there.

When I looked at the students, there was a group of them full of debauchery and mocking everything, without any seriousness or care, people who just do messy! There was another group as well who didn’t want to do anything, they were too lazy. And still, another group full of angry people who just criticized everything! I knew inside of me that the teacher Wonder put that type of student in the class as part of the test. It meant that, if I mingle myself with them, I will lose the study and will be reproved! So I decided to do it alone! I rose my hands and asked the teacher if I could do it alone. He answered me: ‘‘If you are able to do it alone…Yes, you can!’’

He was putting me in a challenge, but I knew inside of me, that I was able to accomplish it.

After all, I received a book! A Geography Book, which one of the subjects was The Study of the Rocks! The teacher Wonder told us that we need to study the rocks, the types of the rocks and the geology, doing after that a presentation to the class and to him! Therefore, I would be approved by these two tests: To do the study and to do the presentation.

Since I had this dream, I began to have many other dreams taught by the teacher Wonder represented in different forms and situations.

The Interpretation…

The University represents a certain place in my life that needed to learn and grow more, to develop more! I had the card to access the door of the University, which represents the ability to access the presence of God through the Holy Spirit, who testifies about Jesus – the door! And I supposed to use that card quickly, for that was the time to learn and to do the test! We always need to be aware of the moving of the Holy Spirit and His communication to us!

The bike represents our personal move with God! John’s friend represents the spirit of delay and destruction who opposes God’s time, which works through the ordinary situations of life and earthly relationships that consuming our time, focus, abilities, money …He broke the passenger chair! It means he provokes loss, delay, and troubles! For the purpose of Resist our personal race with God.

The residential place had the streets full of robbers and dangerous people, representing people’s lives without God’s government for the absence of repentance and transformation. Those people gave the government of their lives to demons who became the owners of the place, with the purpose of destruction, violence, and steal, resisting God’s Government! (John 10).

The Police mean the Angels of the Lord who protects His people! The devil cannot touch them! (Psalm 34: 7)  For a price was paid for their lives, which means the Crucifixion of Jesus and the repentance of those who gave their lives to Him! (Luke 13).

Jesus is named on the Bible by Wonderful Counselor, Helper, Master, Teacher… Among other! The teacher was Jesus Himself teaching me and challenging me to learn more! (Isaiah 9)

The rocks in the Bible speaks about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Lordship, the revelation of the Word of God, and also the types of people! (Matthew 7. Matthew 16)

Geology is the science that studies the Earth’s physical structure and substances, the history of rocks, the processes that act on them, and the most economic way to use the world’s resources. Geology involves methods and knowledge from biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. It means in a spiritual meaning how to apply the Words of Jesus in the world and in each situation of our lives, discerning the hearts and minds of people, and how to proceed according to each situation that we will face. (John 14).

In Romans 12, Paul warns us to transform this world that we live by renewing the spirit of our minds, learning God’s ways, and applying them daily. Jesus taught us how to live this life with Him and through Him, applying every command that He taught us! He is our Master, our Friend, our Savior, and our Counselor in each given situation! Let us be open and humble to the teachings of Jesus, transforming our lives with all the wisdom, discernment, and understanding provided by Him!

‘‘Whoever obeys his command will come to no harm

    and the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure.

For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter ” (Ecclesiastes 8: 5 – 6a NIV)


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